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Kylie's Diary

Milano Beach

7 May 1991
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Welcome back to Kylie’s Diary. That’s me Kylie. I just moved to Milano Beach, Florida with my mother, stepfather, and little sister Kennedy and everything was pretty much non-stop drama! You know how high school is. Good thing I had friends close by. That’s my best friend Kendra, some people call her Barbie. That’s Graham, he’s gay and he has taught me so much about accepting people for who they are and he also got us into the hottest clubs in Milano Beach. Those are the twins Alina and Hailey. We’re childhood friends and we knew we would be best friends forever. That’s my friend Lexxi, the devil who wears Prada. At times it bugs me out how she thinks she’s better than everyone. That’s Ryan Floyd, Milano Beach’s very own rock star. Ryan was part jock and musician and total hottie. That’s Devon, he got really hot this year and every girl noticed including me. But he was a junior player and he tried to hook up with me and Brianna at the same time. Which brings us to the mean girls. That’s Brianna, the queen of mean. She went out of her way to make my life miserable. Aubrey, Lexxi’s friend. She was so jealous of my friendship with Lexxi….Whatever! And that is Jolie, the leader of the mean girls clique. Wherever Jolie went drama followed. She thinks she’s hot. …..Okay I guess she is. But she can’t stand me and here’s the reason why, Chad. I guess he’s kind of her boyfriend. But Chad and I have been getting very close. Jolie is the wrong girl for him and I’m just waiting for him to figure it out. Jolie and her friends thought they owned the school. But me and my friends were planning on pulling the red carpet from under them and showing them that we ran the school. I was recently signed to the Theo Ralph modeling agency. So this school year I have three goals becoming the most popular girl in school at all coasts, taking over the modeling world, and making Chad mine.